Metallic Disc Filter

Dia. inlet/outlet (inches) Filtration grade Recomended discharge Weight kg.
4″ (Flandge) 120 (Mesh) 75 (m3/h) 34


Plastic Disc Filter

Size Filtration Grade Model Max. Pressure Max. Flow
2″ 130 Micron
120 Mesh
200 10 Bar 30 m3/hr.
3″ 130 Micron
120 Mesh
300 10 Bar 50 m3/hr.



  • Filter can be installed as a single unit or in a filterbank. Standard manifolds are available to accommodate various multiples.
  • Install a valve before the filter to close the water supply for cleaning purposes.
  • Ensure that the filter elements are always positioned horizontally when installed.
  • Note the direction of flow when installing. The arrow on the filter denotes flow direction.

Dismantling For Cleaning:

  • Ensure that the water pressure is turned off. Never open clamps while under Pressure.
  • Unlatch clamps and remove filter cover.
  • Loosen the tightening cap and pull out the telescopic spine and hose off discs.
  • When re-assembling, ensure the O-rings are properly in place.


  • Position filter discs on to disc spine.
  • Please ensure that when cap is tightened properly the number of rings fitted does not exceed the length of the filter element.
  • Insert the detachable spine back into its seat.
  • Turn fixing cap clockwise to complete tightening of the discs.
  • Clamp should be fitted over the closing edges.


  • Excellent Performance.
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • Resistance to U.V.
  • Easy Installation.


  • Agriculture
  • Industry


In line Disc Filters

Size Max. Pressure Max. Flow
1″ 10 5
3/4″ 10 4


General accessories

Distribution tubing stake MS-2:

  • Length: 153 mm.
  • Fits distribution tubing O.D. range: 4.5 – 8.9 mm.
  • Polypropylene construction.
  • Black colour to resist UV light.


Length (mm)


Bubbler stake (16 x ½):

Size (mm)
16 x ½”



Used to punch holes in pipes for installing on line drippers.

Size (mm)


Tree clips:

Tree clip is used to hold plants with support string.

Diameter (mm)



Diameter (mm)
6 (O.D.)
4 (I.D.)


Plastic sheets

Mais Plastic Sheets are used for Crop Protect.

Applications & Advantages:

  • Prevent frost damage.
  • Trap humidity.
  • Maintain temperature.
  • Protect from dust & air pollution.



  • It’s available in rolls of 105 meters/roll, or according to Client’s request.
  • Width 2.5 meters.
  • Thickness 80 micron & upto 100 micron according to Client’s request.
  • Color white.


Code Width (m) Thickness (micron)
Cps 2.5 80-100



  • Transparent.
  • Transparent UV stabilised
  • Black.